Frequently Asked Questions

What does TLI stand for?

TLI is Toastmasters Leadership Institute. These are officer training sessions that are open to all members, but are mandatory for club officers to effectively fulfill their roles.

Why is training important?

It is essential for Club officers to be trained in their roles so they can be effective. This keeps their clubs healthy and successful. Club officer training provides the knowledge and tools, results in more satisfied members, more exciting club meetings, more new members and more Distinguished Clubs.

What is the difference between Summer TLI officer training and Winter TLI training?

In the Summer TLI, officer training focuses on the specific duties of each position and the activities that are undertaken to execute successfully, i.e., the nuts and bolts. It is presented in June, July and August. In the Winter TLI, officer training focuses on sharing successes as well as sharing challenges with peers, helping you navigate the second half of your term successfully. It is presented in December, January and February.

Why do I have to attend training twice a year?

Both rounds of training are beneficial to officers. Clubs earn a distinguished Club Program goal by having at least four club officers trained at each of two training sessions. Clubs that have their executive officers trained have a 50% likelihood of becoming a distinguished club compared with only 10% if their officers are not trained.

Can I attend more than one officer training session?

Absolutely. You can come as often as you wish.

If I hold the same office for two clubs, can I get credit for both clubs by attending one training session?

Yes, ensure you sign-in for each role and attend the session specific to your role.

If I hold different roles for the same or different clubs, can I get credit for all of those roles by attending one training session?

Toastmasters International strongly suggests that you attend a separate training session for each of the club offices that you hold.

Does my club receive credit for the Distinguished Club Program for these training sessions?

Yes, four club officers must attend in person training for your club to receive credit in the Distinguished Club Program at each of the two rounds of training. On the Toastmasters International Distinguished Club reports, your club will get immediate credit for your attendance at the Training Leadership Institutes.

Can non-officers attend the training?

Yes, we encourage non-officers to attend, particularly club members who might be considering a future leadership role within the club.

Is food provided at the sessions?

Sessions will have any meals or beverages described in the promotional flyers you receive.

Do I need to pay any fees or purchase any supplies to attend these sessions?

No. This is a District-sponsored event and there are no fees. You are however, responsible for the cost of your own lunch. The organizers offer to order lunch on your behalf in advance.

What will the educational sessions be like?

While session topics vary from TLI to TLI, they are not for the passive! You will see flip charts, PowerPoint presentations, and animated speakers. You will hear poignant tales and be drawn into active workshops. Sessions may also include a Question and Answer period, typically at the end of the presentation.

How long do I have to register?

Online registration will close a week prior to the event. Last minute registration will be available at the door.

What do I need to bring to the sessions?

It would be a good idea to bring a pen and notebook to write down ideas as they occur to you. You will also need a pen to fill out the session evaluation form regarding the presenters. Please let us know what you think. Your evaluation contributes towards presenting outstanding and relevant topics. Additionally, officers are encouraged to bring their officer manuals.

What can I expect upon arrival?

Look for a registration desk where you will be greeted warmly, receive a registration package, and a name badge.

What if I have special needs or dietary requirements?

Please tell us as soon as possible ( so we can prepare to make sure you get the most out of the event. We will consider all requests to the best of our ability.